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Venture Reports
The reports we produce cover all aspects of education in China and beyond
April  2022
April  2022
A comprehensive guide to UK university applications, bringing together experts from across the UK to share the very latest information for Chinese families
Policy analysis Double Relief-01.jpg
An In-depth Analysis of the "Dual Alleviation" Policy

August  2021
private education promotion law.jpg
Interpretation of the modified Private Education Promotion Law
May  2021
ENG_COVER_Recruiting and developing teac
A list of reputable recruitment firms and related recruitment advice
February  2021
British Independent Schools in China Rep
Insights into the resilience and growth of British Independent Schools in
January  2021
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Information about UK qualifications for (aspiring) teachers in China
October  2020
TNE Image-01.jpg
Analysing the key trends, challenges, and big questions moving forward
September 2020
Investing in UK Education Report_final(E
Insights on UK-China education and investment advice from industry leaders
August 2020
The history of purchases and information about schools, investors, trends, and challenges.
June 2020
Can we buy a UK
An overview of the UK’s private universities, investment opportunities, and trends.
May 2020
The current issues facing young girls and women in the UK, and an overview of innovative work being carried out to overcome these problems
November 2019
Professional development insights for teachers in China.
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TeachBetter Volume 3
April  2022
TB Sustainability Newsletter Front Page.jpg
TeachBetter Volume 2
January  2022
TeachBetter Newsletter Volume 1_Cover.jpg
TeachBetter Volume 1
October  2021
TeachBetter Confident Communication Front Page.jpg
TeachBetter Volume 4
May  2022
Commissioned Reports
We provide our clients with in depth research and analyses on the education market in China; most are private but some are publicly available.
A comprehensive look at the Mongolian Education Sector and its developments and trends
December 2019
Policies thumbnail.jpg
Opportunities and challenges there may be for British education companies in Hainan's free trade area
June 2019
An analysis of the major policy trends affecting British education companies across EdTech, TVET, K-12 and early-years education.
June 2019
An overview of education policies and opportunities on China's Belt and Road
February 2019

The Venture Education team is very energetic, approachable and accountable. I would be very interested in collaborating with Venture Education in the future.

Qinqin Wu, Operations Officer, British Council
Translated Reports
We translate and adapt key reports in education so that we can share global best practice.
The process from start to finish of the creation of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks
July 2019
A guide for individuals and organisations who want to use EntreComp to foster entrepreneurial learning
November 2018
A reflection of current thinking and practice in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education
January 2018
Impact Reports
We run incredible projects in China and these reports give valuable insight into how we did it. 
Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 12.03.22
A joint programme with the British Chamber of Commerce to elevate young professionals’ key employability skills
December 2019
Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 1.15.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 5.06.41 PM.png
Our 'girls' education and empowerment' initiative to inspire young women to become leaders in their future
December 2019
A British education festival in Ulaanbaatar, held in partnership with the British Embassy in Mongolia, that hosted thousands of attendees
October 2019
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