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Venture for Schools in Mainland China

Founded in 2013, Venture Education has spent the past ten years supporting the international education sector in China, building meaningful networks, gathering intelligence, and supporting the growth of schools. We are educators, we are driven to help others, and we care about what we do.

Market Intelligence 

Our subscription service provides your school with 70 reports a year to stay abreast of the latest insights and trends in the Chinese education sector.


Full subscription package includes unlimited access to all our reports and technical support for you not only to stay informed, but to thrive.


Reports include:


News Summary (monthly) - the latest news on K12 education in China, early and readable.

Policy Analysis (bimonthly) - English-language updates on latest policies and regulations in the sector and their impact.

Peer to Peer Review (monthly) - understand what educators are thinking in each city in China, on different topics.

Teachers in China - the recruitment and retention tool you've been missing, surveying sentiments of educators across China.

Parents in China - data and detailed analysis from surveying over 9000+ parents in China, and what they look for in education.

...and more!

To purchase reports individually or by series, please see our list of paid reports here.


"We love having a credible set of numbers that we can use to talk to our board! When we tell them that foreigners, students or teachers are leaving, they are skeptical. Venture gives us really valuable reference points that we can point to and say "look, it's not just us saying this, it's happening across the sector!""

~ An international school subscriber

"Your report has created a real buzz in our school and everyone has been talking about it. What they like the most is that it's not a boring McKinsey type report. It's down to earth and you guys are obviously part of the sector and not outsiders. We really like that"


~ A top international school in Beijing

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Try a trial subscription now for just 800 RMB!

Includes 5 premium reports + a new report each quarter.


Or contact to become a full subscriber and thrive.

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School Support

Our support services, exclusively for Venture subscribers, offer your school personalized and relevant services, drawing on our decades of consultancy experience and access to vast educational networks.


School promotion (ongoing)

Feature your school on our LinkedIn with 6,000+ followers; amplified by our team and their 20,000+ followers. Champion your unique history and achievements through our work behind the scenes on a number of prominent educational publications.


Student recruitment (ongoing)

  • Advertise your events/open days on WeChat every month to our audience of 10,000+

  • Guest in a bilingual Liveshow with our co-founder to her audience of 12000+ Chinese parents

  • Feature in one of our free guides, distributed in Chinese and English across all of our social media channels, schools and families



Teacher Recruitment

  • Vacancy adverts on our exclusive careers page (300 views a week)

  • “Teach in China” webinar highlighting your school to teachers thinking about coming to China

  • TeachBetter free online professional development run by university professors each term

  • Peer to Peer teacher meet-ups, free PD for teachers in a different city of China each month

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Consultancy on Call

  • Bespoke mini-reports providing answers to any questions you may have about the sector

  • One-to-one strategy meetings with Venture’s Co-founder

  • Social media publications moulded to fit your USPs

Bespoke Projects

Hungry for something more specific? Check out some examples of what we've done for schools before!

  • Created, designed and launched a promotional campaign targeting embassies, sports groups, chambers and all other sources of foreign families in China to support foreign-passport holder enrollment.

  • After highly irregular A-Level POE results, we interviewed several subscriber schools, created a report, and lobbied the head of Cambridge exams.

  • Contacted 100 UK-based IB schools to arrange a formal partnership with a subscriber school in China.

  • Monthly strategy sessions between the leadership of a school in southern China with our cofounder Julian; concluding with an annual strategy report.

  • Research report on alumni to establish a more resilient and sustainable alumni network that could contribute to the ongoing school community.

"When we signed up for subscription, we did so mostly for the opportunities to increase exposure to our school. In reality though, I've personally benefitted from having the Venture team support and share resources on so many of the projects I'm developing myself. Their voice in the sector is always appreciated, but I also value their discretion and nuance on more complicated challenges."​

~ School leader

Ready to work together? 
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