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We take schools
into the wild.

Beijing Field Studies is education in, for, and about the environment.


We grew up climbing trees, swimming in rivers, watching birds, and sleeping under the stars. The same trees, rivers, birds, and stars are everywhere in Beijing if you only open your eyes and ears and begin to discover!


Beijing Field Studies supports students to connect with nature and learn about the environment through interactive, educational field trips that are curriculum-aligned. 


Since 2017, we have run successful field trips to a diverse range of natural spots in and around Beijing, including Fragrant Hill, Botanical Gardens, Olympic Forest Park, Huairou Mountains, and more. These field trips have inspired thousands of students through engaging activities such as bird watching, nature bingo, and building survival shelters.

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Interplanetary Survival

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Understanding farming

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Working Scientifically

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Everyday Materials

Observing the Natural World

Animal Survival

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Natural Explorers

What teachers say:

My 1st graders loved spending the day with BFS. The activity leaders created very age appropriate activities for the kids that were engaging and informative! We will definitely come back again!

What students say:

Today, I learnt that playing with mud is awesome!

During our day with Beijing Field Studies, our 2nd graders learned about metamorphosis, different kinds of trees, and the migration of birds. We built on our knowledge of saving the planet with fun activities and engaging, hands-on instruction. All of the instructors were very professional and had obvious experience with young children. We can’t wait to continue our relationship with Beijing Field Studies!

The leaders were engaged with the students and were very knowledgeable!

I wish I could play here longer! The farm was cool and I want to try all the vegetables!

The activities were very interesting,  exciting and I learned a lot of new things.

I really like all of the BFS staff - they are super nice and friendly! I could tell that they truly care about our students.

I loved all the activities that allowed me to be creative.

Our experienced exploration instructors will guide students to develop their academic knowledge, essential skills, and a lifelong passion for the great outdoors. 

Let's explore together!

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