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Venture Education Consultants Ltd.

Harnessing the power of UK expertise and innovation, we develop and license intellectual property and ideas for sale and licensing internationally.

Research and Development Centre in the UK

The United Kingdom has a long history of being a forge of ideas and insipiration for the world. The centers of learning, the mix of cultures, and the crossroads of intellect and innovation make the UK an ideal centre for the creation of concepts to be put to use in the rest of the world.

In 2014, a research and development firm was created committed to the new ideas that drive the whole world of education further. From product concepts to directions of research, Venture UK is harnessing the dynamism of our ever changing world to improve the lives of students, educators, and beyond.

The Directors

Having successfully founded and managed a printing company, Nova moved into IT starting a software company in 1986 and opening a computer shop in 1987. Nova entered the Internet world in 1997 being the fourth Internet Service Provider in the UK and she pioneered the internet into the South West of England. The business changed from being an ISP to develop an online website builder and was sold in 2013. Nova co founded an additional company to develop online web services in 1997. She continued to work on innovative software and webware until 2018. Nova has since focussed on educational systems for Venture Education Consultants UK.

Julian has worked in education since 2004 when he taught for a language school in central London. Since then he was part of the founding team of an international school in China, examiner for the British Council, and teacher trainer for local governments. Combining education and technology has always been a key focus including cofounding an online tutoring company called Trunk Tek that connected UK educators with Chinese students, sitting on the advisory board of edtech start up Globiliti, sitting on the judging panel of Hong Kong edtech competition Esperanza, and advising companies from Europe and North America on market entry into Asia.  

Past work

Venture Education Consultants has worked on a wide range of past products and ideas that have benefited stakeholders from a wide range of companies and organizations


Educational Programs

Venture Education Consultants has developed UK-style summer education programs for Asian companies looking to provide the highest-quality learning experiences for their students.


Overseas Expansion

Venture Education Consultants have worked with UK companies looking to expnd their overseas operations and reach to some of the most populous and challenging markets in the world.


AI based Market Intelligence

Venture Education Consultants has researched and conceptualized groundbreaking approaches to research and tools for education and commercial organizations to plan and strategize their approach to global markets.

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