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Our story started with conversations.  Lots of them.


Venture began with passionate conversations about education: in long car journeys in the UK, over dinners in Beijing and late-night phone calls with ideas that had to be shared and discussed.  Because we love to make ideas happen, some of these turned into incredible projects in their own right. Some led to some deeper research, and with this, some deep insights into how education actually works in the world at the moment, from theory and policy to practice. Slowly, puzzle pieces fell into place, as we began to understand how broad a picture of international and Chinese education our diverse experiences and enthusiasms were giving us as a team.

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What sets our team apart? We are diverse but we share a common passion for supporting high-quality education; we are independent but our empathetic approach means that we will always keep our partners interests central to the work we do; we are clear, honest and straight to the point and we put our characteristic drive and enthusiasm into every project we take on, big or small. 
Most importantly: we live and breathe education, both in practice and in business.  Put simply: we will always care about the outcome, because in the world of education, great outcomes mean a better future for us all.

Over the past few years, these conversations have continued between all of us, as teachers, as managers, as parents, as entrepreneurs, as community leaders and as lifelong students ourselves. And the story is still about communication.


But it’s also about turning words into actions and enacting change.

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