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Our free, termly online professional development for educators in China (and beyond). Each series centres around a different theme, enabling educators to upskill in the areas most relevant to them. 

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TeachBetter Volume 7
June 2023

When people think of experiential learning, they often say ‘well I can’t do that because in my school we aren’t allowed to leave the classroom’. But so much about experiential learning is so much more than that. This newsletter is full of examples, resources and inspiration which we hope you can use to bring nature into the classroom, or just encourage students how to engage with the learning matter in a different way.

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Mary May-Miller

Venture Education

Membership Manager

TB covers 6.jpg
TeachBetter Volume 6
March 2023
TB covers.jpg
TeachBetter Volume 5
November 2022
TB covers.jpg
TeachBetter Volume 4
May 2022
TB covers3.jpg
TeachBetter Volume 3
April  2022
TB covers2.jpg
TeachBetter Volume 2 
January 2022
TB covers4.jpg
TeachBetter Volume 1
October  2021
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