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Job Description
Association Founding Freelancer

The Venture Association Founding Freelancer will take on an exciting project in developing the structure and systems for a new association of schools in China. The role will be supporting some of the most capable leaders in international education with key logistical and project tasks that require quick problem solving, good interpersonal skills, and strong organization. These tasks will be widely varied, so ensuring that a candidate has a positive and proactive attitude is a must for this position.


Responsibilities will include (but not limited to):


  • Supporting the development of a network of schools in China

  • Coordinating external events with a range of stakeholders

  • Ongoing management of the company website

  • Marketing and social media support

  • Maintaining the company-wide CRM system

  • Supporting key stakeholders with specific projects

  • Understanding and responding to the growth of the association

  • Working on documentation and communication


Key requirements for the role:


  • A fluent command of English

  • An outgoing and confident personality

  • A strong work ethic and willingness to see tasks through

  • Strong community values and the ability to connect with people

  • Professional communication to all stakeholders

  • Understanding of the key Microsoft office suite programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and online elements (Teams, SharePoint, Outlook)

  • The ability to quickly learn new digital tools and programs


Attributes that would give a candidate an edge:


  • Fluency in Mandarin

  • Technical understanding of common website design platforms like Wix

  • Experience organizing events and working with venues and vendors

  • Experience translating business English and Mandarin

  • Understanding of modern expensing and one-off P&L processes

  • Experience working in and with foreign companies

  • Design experience with graphics tools like InDesign and Publisher    


What will you get out of the role?


  • An incredibly solid grounding in an innovative consultancy company

  • Engaging with a diverse, hardworking, knowledgeable, caring team

  • Opportunities to develop in various different parts of the organization

  • Ongoing professional development and company events

  • Opportunities to travel and engage with international organisations


Schedule: 9am-6pm; 3 days a week (must include Friday)

Salary: 8,000rmb

Location: Dongdaqiao Subway Station



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