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Venture Education 
subscription service.

For Schools in Mainland China

Our subscription service is an extremely affordable booster for schools to make sure you are better informed, have access to broader resources, stay on top of the latest trends, and can get support in the areas that matter such as staff recruitment and student recruitment.

The Venture Education team has spent the past ten years working in the international education sector in China building deep networks, gathering intelligence and supporting the growth of schools. We love education, we are driven to help others, and we care about what we do.



Consultant on Call

Direct access to Venture consultants for any questions or emergencies, including our cofounder Julian Fisher and our research, policy and education teams.



Policy Updates

Regular English-language translations, summaries and analysis of the policies and regulations that will impact K12 education in China in both the short-term and long-term.


News Summary

Monthly overview and summary of news relevant to K12 schools in China, taken from a wide range of Chinese news sources and what we’re hearing on the ground.


Insight Series

Off-the-record one-hour Q&As with Chinese experts from government, academia and and think-tanks, providing deep insight into the sector, every two months (English speaking).



Teachers in China

An annual report based on surveys and interviews with 1000+ teachers across China that tracks motivations, experiences, challenges and intentions.


Parents in China

An annual report based on surveys and interviews with 100+ Chinese parents, gathering insights into insight into their motivations, concerns, and decision-making.




Two Teach in China webinars for hundreds of prospective teachers around the world, and an exclusive jobs page jobs page on the Venture website featuring only subscriber schools.


School Promotion

Posts across our social media, including opportunities to promote to thousands of parents through live discussions with our cofounder Zhubei on her WeChat channel.

Subscribers receive a 30% discount on all VEN services.

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VEN is our suite of services to support schools across mainland China in three areas that really matter: wellbeing, sustainability and employability.

Venture Education Subscription Service 202205091306.jpg
Venture Education Subscription Service 202205091306.jpg
Venture Education Subscription Service 202205091306.jpg

of every penny we receive from subscribers will go to a charity that is very close to our hearts.


Educating Girls of Rural China


Clean Plates Campaign

Our nationwide-campaign to reduce waste in schools (and save them money at the same time) launches in January.


Charity Quiz for Schools

Pub quizzes across the country to raise money for good causes and give school staff a great night out. 

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