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Venture Education 
Subscription Service
for schools.

For Schools in Mainland China

Our subscription service gives you the tools to better predict the future, better understand the market and better navigate K12 education in China.

Think of us as a forward-thinking personal advisor (made up of 16 experts in K12 education in China), who can provide you with the insights, market research, policy information and support you need to stay afloat in a constantly changing market, to raise your profile in networks that really matter, and to give you and your school an extra shot of strategic resilience and peace of mind in an increasingly uncertain world. All this, for just 2000RMB a month.

The Venture Education team has spent the past ten years working in the international education sector in China building deep networks, gathering intelligence, and supporting the growth of schools. We are educators, we are driven to help others, and we care about what we do.

Policy and regulations


News Summary

Every month we look at every single K12 news story in 30 Chinese key newspapers and industry publications, find the key trends and provide you with a short, readable summary of what is happening and an analysis of emerging priorities.


Policy Updates

We monitor and sift every policy statement, guidance and regulatory directive from the Ministry of Education, providing a bimonthly overview of routine changes, and a translation and explanation of major new policies affecting the sector.


Insight Series

These off-the-record, one-hour Q&As with Chinese experts from government, academia and thinktanks provide deep and frank insights into what is happening on the ground, and some of underlying priorities and ideologies shaping the landscape.

Market intelligence


Teachers in China

We conduct exhaustive research with 1000+ teachers across China to track the motivations, experiences, challenges, and intentions which are shaping the recruitment and employment landscape, providing you with a detailed report to guide your practices and gain insights into what teachers are really thinking.


Parents in China

Our report into parents in China based on intensive qualitative research with parents gets under the surface of what they often feel that they should be saying to schools to provide real insight into the experiences, aspirations and decision-making that are actually driving the market.


Schools' Choice Research

Every year, we poll our members to find out what their research priorities are. Using what we learn, we produce a bespoke piece of intensive research for the subscriber network to help them look further and deeper into the areas that really matter to them.



Recruitment Support

Our “Teach in China” webinars and jobs fair for hundreds of prospective teachers around the world, lead them to the jobs page on the Venture website featuring only subscriber schools.


School Promotion

We use our knowledge of each subscriber school’s individual priorities and accomplishments to celebrate their successes, raise their profile on social media, leverage platforms for their best speakers and thought-leaders and champion their unique history and achievements.



Consultancy on Call

Subscribing schools have direct access to Venture consultants for questions, contacts or emergencies; including our cofounder Julian Fisher and our research, policy and education teams. We share regular FAQs with the network to share our developing knowledge of the issues that matter most to you.

Subscribers receive a 30% discount on all VEN services.

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VEN is our suite of services to support schools across mainland China in three areas that really matter: wellbeing, sustainability and employability.

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Venture Education Subscription Service.jpg
Venture Education Subscription Service.jpg

of every penny we receive from subscribers will go to a charity that is very close to our hearts.


Educating Girls of Rural China


Charity Quiz for Schools

Pub quizzes across the country to raise money for good causes and give school staff a great night out. 


Clean Plates Campaign

Our nationwide-campaign to reduce waste in schools (and save them money at the same time) launches in January.

Let's work together
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