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Job Description

Closing date: 31st Aug 2023

English Teacher

Major Responsibilities: 


  •  A secondary school teacher teaches one or more curriculum subjects to pupils from Year 7 to Year 13. Teachers may use creativity, humour, and imagination to develop schemes of work and to plan lessons in order to foster a healthy culture of learning within the classroom and to generate the most effective interactions with pupils.

  • Teachers encourage, monitor and record the progress of individual pupils, and devise and tailor resources accordingly, including technology. They must also keep up to date with developments in their subject area, new resources, methods, and school-wide initiatives.

  • Teachers liaise and network with other professionals, parents, and carers both informally and formally.

  • Qualified and experienced teacher of English who has worked previously within an IBDP program and also has experience teaching English to IGCSE and Lower secondary students.

Job Requirements:

1. Holder of a Bachelor's Degree or above and teaching certificate or license with excellent subject knowledge
2. Minimum 2 years of full-time teaching experience in a school setting
3. Experience or training in IGCSE and IB is a plus.
4. Support Yew Chung's values
5. Have a passion for teaching students
6. Demonstrate a rigorous approach in teaching different year levels
7. Demonstrate commitment to teamwork

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