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Job Description

Closing date: N/A

Social Studies Teacher - Psychology - High School

Position Overview

A Whittle School & Studios’ graduate is an independent thinker and a compassionate, humble, lifelong learner who desires to contribute to the world. As a member of an instructional team that employs a variety of approaches to teaching and learning – project-based, personalized, multi-disciplinary and inquiry-based – the High School Social Sciences Teacher will promote learning designed to increase our students’ scientific understanding of the human mind and behaviour.

We offer a Foundation Psychology course, aimed at Grade 10 students, which covers Biological Psychology (sleep, dreams, sex differences, socialisation, localisation of function); Cognitive Psychology (attention, memory, theory of mind, eyewitness testimony, false positives) Learning (aggression, operant conditioning, classical conditioning); Social Psychology (obedience, personal space, etc.) and a module on Research Methods.

We also offer an Advanced Psychology course, aimed at Grade 11 and 12 students, which covers the content of the AP Psychology course, including Sensation and Perception (experience, culture, mechanisms), Developmental Psychology (childhood development, aging, moral development), Clinical Psychology (diagnoses, disorders, addiction) as well as many of the topics above in greater depth and detail.

The successful candidate should have strong subject knowledge and an interest in teaching interdisciplinary content across subjects. In addition, the teacher should:

*genuinely enjoy the company of adolescents
*be committed to developing a relationship and sense of trust with each student
*seek to engage with students and the greater Whittle community both inside and outside the classroom in a variety of ways


Specific responsibilities include the planning, delivery and assessment of content to High School students. All High School teachers are expected to contribute to wider school life, perhaps through the X-learning (experiential learning) programme, the boarding community or extra-curricular activities. The High School teaching faculty place a strong emphasis on establishing professional and supportive relationships with students; forming collegial and harmonious relationships with fellow teachers; and approaching challenges in a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect.

Qualifications and Attributes

Whittle School & Studios values innovation, risk-taking, and an entrepreneurial spirit. We are looking for candidates who are individual and team contributors; who possess a growth mindset; who are continuous and self-reflective learners; and have education and content expertise. The following are required or highly desirable for the listed position:

Required: Bachelor’s degree BA/BSc in a relevant subject (postgraduate work in a relevant field will also be considered)
Required: Minimum three years of teaching experience, preferably in an independent school environment
Required: Teaching Certification or License
Required: Participation in professional learning communities, Grade-level teams, and other collaborative communities to design and plan instructions, improve practice, and achieve student outcomes
Required: Drive and energy to thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment

Desired: Master’s degree or above in a relevant subject or area
Desired: Linguistic competency in Mandarin Chinese (English is the language of teaching instruction; all students are native Mandarin speakers).


Whittle School & Studios provides market competitive salaries for all our staff, as well as employee benefits which include, where applicable, Medical, Dental, Life and Disability Insurance.

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