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Job Description

Closing date: 31 Jul 2022

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Whole School Librarian


  •  Three-year contract

  •  Annual flight allowance

  •  Relocation allowance at the beginning and end of employment

  •  Medical insurance with Cigna (China)

  •  Generous support for personal professional development locally, regionally and internationally


The position of Whole School Librarian will appeal to a colleague with a clear aspirations to set up the school library and all its associated systems and policies from scratch and build this important learning resource into a central aspect of the school community. The Librarian is ultimately responsible to the Head under the Line Management of the Deputy Head Pastoral. This job description is not necessarily a comprehensive definition of the post. It will be reviewed at least once a year and it may be subject to modification at any time after consultation with The Head and the Head of Lower/Upper School.


  • To receive and set-up the school’s library resources from the very beginning of the school’s life

  • To manage the Library as a resource centre incorporating print, online and e-learning resources for recreational purposes and to support the teaching and learning across the school

  • To be responsible for the library facility: its security, health and safety issues and maintenance, supported by the Operations Department

  • Create and implement a school library policy, which includes legal compliance with data protection, copyright, Chinese compliance, health and safety legislation and is in line with the School’s educational objectives

  • Generate and implement the Library development plan in consultation with senior academic leaders

  • To develop the library’s contribution to literacy programmes such as Battle of the Books, Book Week and all other whole school reading initiatives, in order to inspire and enthuse students to read widely, including ensuring all students have timetabled access to the library

  • Promote the library and reading through displays, communications and extra curriculum activities

  • Promote information retrieval skills through lesson planning, sourcing and delivery of lessons in conjunction with English Lessons.

  • Support HODs with the management of the departmental resources

  • Support the organization of activities and events around Chinese culture, festivals and holidays such as CNY celebrations

  • Advise the Director of Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) on possible events in the ECA programme that would promote literacy skills and elevate the library and all its resources within the school community

  • Support the excellent academic progress of all students in their subjects through the promotion of effective learning resources within the library;

  • Is responsible for the timely administration of paperwork relating to the library resources

  • Is responsible for ensuring the library and it resources are making an appropriate contribution to the Global Citizenship programme

  • is responsible for the integration of technology, internationalism and bilingual learning in the within the library facility and its resources

  • is responsible for ensuring curriculum compliance and dual language is a clear focus within in and around the library


  • Overseas procurement of resources - offer advice to ensure overseas purchasing is sourced from the supplier offering best service and value

  • Effectively liaise with academic departments and in consultation with senior academic leaders of the whole school to collate the procurement needs for learning resources and ensure these needs are timely provided to the procurement team

  • Ensure the school’s Procurement function to be able to make vendor negotiation, procurement saving achievement, stock and delivery management, and network of the suppliers

  • Assist Heads of Departments and other school managers with the development of their sites within the VLE

  • Ensure quality assurance of VLE data by effectively increasing the key users’ awareness and their skills for using this tool, including providing necessary training

  • Maintain and develop a working knowledge of educational initiatives, information and communications technologies and development in the school library and VLE

  • Attend appropriate academic meetings and contribute solutions from the LRC’s perspective

  • Be responsible for an efficient and user-friendly reprographics centre and a school-wide room booking system

  • Play a role in the selection and recruitment of library staff

  • In normal circumstances conduct the Performance Management of the staff in the learning resource (library) department

  • Support assistant members of the library in their professional development, and provide day-to-day advice

  • Allocate staffing responsibilities within and amongst the library staff

  • Write and annually update the department’s handbook and development plan

  • Use the school’s MIS to keep accurate and appropriate departmental records

  • Manage the departmental budget, submitting annual budget plans on time and keeping spending within the approved budget

  • Maintain all departmental resources and rooms in a state of good order

  • Oversee all departmental areas ensuring they are bright, clean and tidy, and promote learning in line with the school’s Environment Policy

  • Complete the annual departmental Health and Safety check and take responsibility for day-to-day health and safety issues including the storage of hazardous substances

  • Make a positive contribution to the wider life and ethos of the school including the school’s Extended School Day and boarding programmes

  • Any other reasonable tasks as directed by the Head, Head of School or the Assistant Heads

Candidate Profile:

  • Be a role model for students and staff across the whole school

  • Be internationally minded

  • Possess exceptional stamina and the flexibility to work beyond the constraints of a Job Description

  • Be both a team player with clear communication and listening skills and a decisive decision maker with the initiative and energy to implement change in the defined areas of authority

  • Have a full working knowledge of library cataloguing systems

  • Have the ability and aspiration to attain high standards

  • Have the ability to work within and apply all school policies e.g. behaviour management, child protection, Health and Safety, and Equal Opportunities

  • Be skilled in managing meetings allowing an appropriate balance of information and discussion to prevail

  • Maintain a high profile and daily presence with colleagues including regular attendance at break in the Staff Common Room

  • Maintain close contact with members of the department and establish respectful working relationships with each through close collaboration on decision making

  • Be collegiate in style, seeking to take every opportunity to involve teachers in the department in decision making

  • Be able to manage a range of tasks simultaneously and to demonstrate a clear understanding of priorities and delegation

  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills and a clear understanding of appropriate lines and media of communication throughout the school community

  • Take initiative and act with decisive authority in the defined areas of responsibility

  • Have strong ICT and data analysis skills

  • Have effective mentoring skills

Child Safeguarding:

  • Attend in-house Child Safeguarding programmes

  • Promote and safeguard the welfare of all students in the school

  • Report to the Child Protection Officer any concerns they have for the welfare of a student. This may include unsafe practices witnessed within the school as outlined in the school’s Speak Out (Whistleblowing) Policy

  • Keep professional relationships with students where personal boundaries are respected and maintained

  • Seek advice from a Line Manager or Child Protection Officer with issues or concerns related to Child Safeguarding


  • International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC) prior to the start of contract

  • Formal proof of identity with photo ID (Passport)

  • Two signed, confidential references (one of which will be from the candidate’s current headteacher) before the start of contract

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Information & Library Management degree

  • Verification of original qualifications.

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