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Job Description

Closing date: 31 Jul 2022

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Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing (WASNJ) is situated just east of Nanjing city centre at the heart of the Tangshan Thermal Spring area. The site itself comprises two schools, a Lower School and an Upper School, providing exceptional education for students from EY through to Year 13 (Grade 12). The Assistant Head of Lower School will have the opportunity to be a part of the Lower School Senior Management team (LS-SMT), with a focus on the Lower School, including KG to Year 6 (KG to Grade 5), and to deputise for the Head of Lower School when appropriate. The successful candidate will be expected to develop exceptional working relations with the leadership of the Upper School (Grades 6-12/Years 7-13). This is a unique opportunity to gain experience in a start-up school, with WASNJ opening in August 2021.

Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing will be established as a private school enabling local Chinese nationals to enjoy the benefits of a Wycombe Abbey School education. The majority of the student body will be Chinese nationals studying a unique programme where an internationalised programme complements the Chinese National Curriculum. The students will be taught in both Mandarin and English so that they can graduate from the School with undergraduate levels of both Mandarin and English and thereby flourish at premium universities all around the world. A Wycombe Abbey education guarantees much more than just academic success.

Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing offers boarding to students from Y2 through to Y13 (Grades 1 to 12) with outstanding facilities for learning, innovation and enterprise, performing arts and sport that are the hallmark of all schools in our Wycombe Abbey Schools Group. Students will be prepared for undergraduate life in universities all around the world and for an increasingly international workplace, with close personal attention paid to the development of each student’s confidence, resilience, independence and character alongside the development of the collaborative skills required in life beyond school.

The position of Assistant Head of Lower School will appeal to a colleague with clear aspirations of becoming Head of Lower School in the future. This job description is not necessarily a comprehensive definition of the post. It will be reviewed at least once a year and it may be subject to modification at any time after consultation with The Head and the Head of Lower School.


  • is responsible to the Head of Lower School, who will be his/her Line Manager, and works closely with the Head of Lower School;

  • deputizes for the Head of Lower School in his/her absence.

  • is a member of the Lower School Management Team and, as such, has a whole school role in advising, supporting and guiding the Head and the Heads of School.

  • works closely with the Head of Lower School in relation to the operational management of the Pre-Prep School in keeping with the Direction and Purpose Statements of the school.

  • works closely with the Head of Lower School in relation to the strategic development and leadership oversight of the Pre-Prep (EY) phase.

  • take on roles of responsibility as designated by the Head of Lower School in the following strategic areas:
    - Curriculum (design, implementation and review)
    - Assessment - Pastoral Care / Student Welfare / Counselling
    - Child Protection and Safeguarding
    - Dual Language programme
    - SEN / Talented and Gifted
    - PHSE

  • is the Line Manager of certain Team Leaders, Subject Coordinators and Lower School Staff as designated by the Head of Lower School.

  • works closely with the Head and Head of Lower School in operating the performance management programme of staff appraisal in keeping with the Guiding Statements of the school and, as a School Leader, will appraise Lower School staff as designated by the Head and Head of Lower School.

  • will work closely with the Head of Lower School in creating a culture of purpose, discipline and ambition in the Lower School.

  • will work closely with the Head, Head of Lower School and Head of Marketing on promoting the school in the wider community.

  • will work closely with the Head, Head of Lower School, Head of Admissions, Head of Marketing and Bursar in administering admissions to the school.

  • will liaise closely with parents of students in the Lower School across the spectrum of issues.


  • liaise daily with the Head of Lower School to ensure the operation of the Pre-Prep and Prep phases are well coordinated.

  • assume the role and responsibilities of Head of Lower School during his / her protected time out of school.

  • ensure implementation of school policy in designated areas of strategic development.

  • work closely on a daily basis with Pre-Prep School parents to ensure clear and consistent communication between school and home.

  • work closely on a daily basis with Lower School staff in relation to teaching and learning and staff welfare.

  • work closely with Lower School children through assemblies, exemplary classroom practice, charitable projects and special events.

  • work with the Head of Lower School and Director of Marketing in the event management / hospitality of Lower School functions and cultural events.

  • share the management of accreditation workload with other School Leaders as designated by the Head / Head of Lower School.

  • take a key role in the Lower School reporting process in accordance with school reporting policy.

  • work closely with the Head of Lower School in the production and maintenance of Student Welfare Records in the Lower School.

Professional Expectations:

  • demonstrate leadership in his/her approach to school life.

  • be a role model for students in the Lower School.

  • maintain a high profile and daily presence in the Lower School classrooms and staff room taking a close, personal interest in the performances of Lower School parents, staff and students.

  • be able to manage a range of tasks simultaneously and to demonstrate a clear understanding of priorities and delegation.

  • demonstrate excellent communication skills and a clear understanding of appropriate lines and media of communication throughout the school community.

  • take initiative and act with decisive authority in the defined areas of responsibility.

Child Safeguarding:

  • attend in-house Child Safeguarding programmes.

  • promote and safeguard the welfare of all students in the School.

  • report to the Designated Lead for Safeguarding (DLS) any concerns they have for the welfare of a student. This may include unsafe practices witnessed within the school as outlined in the School’s Speak Out (Whistleblowing) Policy.

  • keep professional relationships with students where personal boundaries are respected and maintained.

  • seek advice from a Line Manager or Designated Lead for Safeguarding with issues or concerns related to Child Safeguarding.


  • international Child Protection Certificate (ICPC) prior to the start of contract.

  • formal proof of identity with photo ID (Passport).

  • two signed, confidential references (one of which will be from the candidate’s current headteacher) before the start of contract.

  • verification of original qualifications.

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