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Job Description

Closing date: 30 April 2023

Chief Operating and Finance Officer

International School of Beijing

In alignment with the International School of Beijing’s (ISB) Mission, Vision, and strategic focus areas, the COO/CFO lead ISB’s operations and financial management. 


The COO/CFO has full responsibility and accountability for all school business operations. This includes responsibility for short- and long-term planning for school operations as well as supporting the efficient operation of Human Resources, Facilities, ICT, Government Affairs, Safety and Security, and Business departments. The COO/CFO is expected to effectively direct the goal-setting and supervise and evaluate the performance of these departments and department leaders. The COO/CFO has full responsibility for all personnel functions within their departments.

The position is specifically responsible for the school’s financial planning and business operations. This responsibility includes budget formulation and control, producing financial analysis summaries, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations, tax audits, and filings. In addition, the position will coordinate external audits and conduct/coordinate risk management assessments, and implement the necessary risk mitigation actions. Successful school finance operations require the development and maintenance of good relationships with banks and tax bureaus, and strong communication and coordination with the Board of Trustees, the Board of Trustee’s Resource Committee, and the ISBEF Limited Board.

The COO/CFO will oversee all legal issues including contract administration, and perform any other duties as assigned by the Head of the School.


Professional Qualifications

• A degree in management, finance, or an equivalent relevant area. 
• Proven success in leading a comparable organization at an executive level.
• Demonstrable budget and finance expertise.
• Proven experience as a planner and implementer. 
• Ability to make and implement decisions while building a team.
• Strong management, negotiation, and communication skills.
• Experience working in China is an advantage 
• International school experience preferred

Personal Qualifications

• A strong leader who solves problems and is committed to the ownership of problems or issues. 
• A mature person who takes the lead and delegates responsibility.
• A supportive leader who actively engages in the continued growth and development of leaders and teams.  
• Possesses strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate and to listen.
• Proven ability to build a team, work across cultures, and be fair and consistent.

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