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Job Description

Closing date: 17 Jul 2022

Finance Officer

Purpose of role

This staff is to support external funding management.



  • Bachelor degree or above in Finance, Economics and relevant disciplines;

  • Well-developed written and verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills; 

  • Analysis & problem solving capability;

  • Relevant knowledge and experience in external funding management or audit;

  • Familiar with using finance system to manage funding;

  • An understanding of the key working relationships required with staff at all levels across the Department/school/Faculty/University;

  • Working knowledge of the work of others inside and outside the University relevant to financial support/reporting;

  • Sound understanding of the relevant professional, legal and regulatory requirements of own field of work.


  • Excellent communications skills in Chinese and English;

  • Familiar with government funding management policy;

  • General knowledge of accounting;

  • Overseas study experience.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Independently manage external funding from budget creation to project closure based on external and internal policy.

    • Provide assistance for budget planning;

    • Create budgets following internal procedure;

    • Assist reconciliation and income allocation;

    • Check and update project budget and management cost;

    • Help PIs and other end-users to solve problems related to budget and fund-usage;

    • Assist periodical review and monitor of fund usage;

    • When projects close, issue financial reports by checking data and communicating with PIs, support auditing and funding body reviewing process;

    • Manage and allocate surplus funds according to relevant policy/requirement.

  2. Provide professional guidance and training to budget owners regarding budget setting, fund usage and surplus fund management.

  3. For external commercial projects, coordinate with BDO and project team regarding payment method and fund usage. Manage surplus fund according to agreed procedure.

  4. For external research funding, coordinate with RKE office, monitor the usage and provide timely assistance to budget owner during project closure and auditing process. Independently issue accurate finance report for research projects.

  5. Familiar with various internal systems to perform necessary reviewing and checking function. Provide timely assistance and guidance to budget owners when there is system problem.

  6. Identify key/high-risk issues during daily work and report to senior officer timely.

  7. Any other duties appropriate to the grade and role of the person appointed.

  8. Participate in training and staff development events as trainer or trainee as appropriate;

  9. Maintain appropriate professional development, expertise and awareness;

  10. Undertake other tasks and responsibilities as may reasonably be required.

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