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Job Description

Closing date: 31 May 2022


Business Studies - High School


We are looking for teachers with a passion for excellence.

Recruiting the right teachers is the single most significant thing that we do to create an excellent school. We are looking for candidates whose values align with the IB mission and our school’s mission to provide an excellent international education. Ideal candidates must possess working habits that enable them to function in a fast-paced and collaborative workplace. We expect every student to achieve their highest potential – this means improving every aspect of their lives and not just the core subjects. We are looking for teachers who can bring our students to their highest standard of learning.

  • An International Mindset: China is a wonderful and exciting place to live, but it is not for everyone. Potential candidates will need to possess an adaptability for life in China and the ability to understand that others with their differences may also be right.

  • A Bachelor's Degree or Higher: We believe teachers who inspire students best have a lifelong interest in education themselves and are the ones that love their own subject matter of choice.

  • Teaching Qualification: All teachers must hold a current government teaching qualification from their home country of record.

  • Minimum of Two Years Teaching Experience: We are looking for teachers that already have some experience in teaching internationally, with the IB programme or a combination of both.

  • Under 60 Years of Age: Unfortunately, Chinese law requires us to cap the age limit of our teaching staff at 60.

  • A Passion for the IB Programme: As an IB world school, offering the PYP, MYP and DP we expect our teachers to display the characteristics of the IB programme:

  1. Knowledgeable in their field of expertise

  2. Thinkers that challenge themselves and their colleagues to keep getting better

  3. Open-minded to explore different approaches to teaching and learning

  4. Reflective in evaluating their impact in the classroom

  5. Inquirers who take action to improve their effectiveness

  6. Risk-takers that are willing to explore how technology can enhance learning

  7. Communicators that give effective feedback to students and parents

  8. Balanced in working both individually and collaboratively

  9. Principled in putting students first in their decision-making

  10. Caring about student wellbeing and creating a strong sense of community in our school

SSIS is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of our students. It is our expectation that all current and future staff share in this commitment. Our rigorous and thorough recruiting practices pay specific attention to child protection and adhere to our child protection policies. All appointments have been interviewed and identity, criminal record and reference checks have been performed.

We require a clearance of criminal records and successful background check for all staff working with our students. Please be prepared to submit such documents from your country of origin and the country of your current residence, if different.

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