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We are teachers, parents and entrepreneurs and we care about the future.

Our vision of entrepreneurship is about having ideas, making them happen and creating value for others. If young people are empowered to do all these things, they will find happiness, have positive relationships and make constructive changes to the world around them. This drives us every single day.

What we feel passionate about

Gender equality

We believe that it is imperative for not only individuals, but also organisations and institutions to allocate resources to promoting gender equality around the world. We aim to empower women and girls both within our company and outside of it through projects, awareness-raising, fundraising and research. 

Equal access to education​

We want to ensure that all children have the right to an education. To do this, we reach out to communities, schools and organisations to bring our expertise in education to those who are more economically disadvantaged. 


Entrepreneurship and employability

Developing confidence, an enterprising mindset and the skills needed for a world more dependent than ever on creativity and collaboration underlies so much of what we do. This supports students, communities and society.

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