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Job Description

Closing date: N/A

Social/Emotional and Career Counselor


The successful Upper School Counselor designs and implements a comprehensive school counseling program to meet the developmental, social, emotional and academic requirements of students grades six (6) through twelve (12). The Upper School Counselor advises students and parents on the college/university application process and provides students and parents with information on college/university admissions requirements, financial aid and scholarship opportunities.



  • Master level training/certification in School Counseling or related field

  • Minimum of five (5) years of experience in secondary school counseling

  • Excellent written, verbal communication and interpersonal skills

  • Strong team facilitation and problem-solving skills



  • International school experience

  • Experience with International Baccalaureate (IB)

  • Experience supporting Learning Support Programs


REPORTS TO: Director of Student Support Services and Pudong Upper School Principal





  • Develop and implement a comprehensive school counseling program for grades six (6) through (12) that proactively meets student needs

  • Become actively involved with students through classroom visits, presentation of counseling/college and university lessons, participation of student activities and being visible during passing time, lunch and in student areas

  • Serve as a resource for students, teachers, administrators and parents in areas related to school counseling

  • Build relationships with students, teachers, administrators and parents

  • Ensure confidentiality in all personal matters

  • Ensure maintenance of safe and confidential student records

  • Any other tasks as assigned


Social and Emotional Counseling

  • Provide short term counseling support for students who are identified as having social, emotional or academic difficulties

  • Provide counseling support for a variety of student issues including but not limited to motivation, communication/social skills, peer relationships, self-esteem, grief, substance abuse, multicultural issues, sexual identity

  • Work with Upper School Advisors to develop and support the Advisory program

  • Assist new students and families in the transition to a new school environment

  • Assist students in self advocacy and/or mediation of conflict with peers, parents or teachers

  • Refer students to appropriate community resources for psychological therapy and/or support

College/University Counseling

  • Counsel Upper School students and parents regarding international college/university programs, admissions requirements and processes

  • Counsel students on course selection appropriate to the demands of higher education 

  • Coordinate for dissemination of college/university information including individual student meetings, parent meetings, arranging for college/university visits and fairs

  • Maintain appropriate data and information to streamline the dissemination of information relevant to the college selection and admissions process

  • Coordinate and process supporting documentation necessary for the university application process including transcript review and recommendations

  • Coordinate and administer the PSAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, AP, IB, PRAXIS, GMAT, and GRE exams and any other exams necessary

  • Establish relationships and networks with college/universities and colleagues in the field

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