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Job Description

Closing date: 1 Aug 2022

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Director of Instruction

At SAIS we promote growth for all. We are focused on providing a world class education where students and educators can develop and thrive. Through projects, collaboration, active learning, innovation, and a strong sense of community our students and staff will make positive and lasting changes in the world around them.  

We are looking for a director of instruction (DI) that is comfortable working with teachers from pre-kindergarten to high school. SAIS is a project-based learning school and the DI would be working closely with all staff in order to coordinate and provide support. He/She would play an integral role in assuring that teachers are supported to their fullest and the students are gaining the education that they need to grow and excel in the 21st century.  

The responsibilities of the DI would include;
1. Coach teachers on project design and lesson plans to ensure deep learning experiences occur in all of our classrooms and for all of our students. This is largely done through 12-16 week long integrated projects that culminate in a whole school exhibition of learning each semester. As well as shorter whole school projects or independent projects;
2. Making sure curriculum is aligned and being followed; 
3. Coordinate MAP testing, and analyze the MAP testing results to make an improvement plan;
4. Working with teachers and administrators to provide meaningful in house professional development;
5. Working with PLC’s in order to provide additional support for what is happening inside and outside of the classrooms;
6. Coordinating SAIS’s J-term and week without walls;
7. Collecting and documenting the learning that is happening on campus to be displayed digitally and around campus;
8. Co-facilitate the school’s makerfaire;
9. Coordinate the schools 2 annual exhibitions of learning;
10. Working closely with the school counselor to make sure student’s needs are being met.

PBL experience is required 
Experience with PBLworks, HTH, ELeducation, UbD or other deeper learning frameworks is preferred  
Master’s degree preferred 
Previous instructional leadership experience preferred

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