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Job Description

Closing date: 1 Jun 2022

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Art Teacher

We are looking for a qualified whole school fine arts teacher. SAIS is a highly collaborative school, with teachers working together as team teachers and collaborating on planning curriculum and lessons.

Teacher must:

  • Be able to provide support, empathy and inspiration.

  • Facilitate thinking, growth, and engagement.

  • Generate classroom activities based off of understanding students.

  • Feel safe to experiment and free from strict time constraints.

  • Be an active communicator with colleagues and parents.

In PBL, teachers are part of the students journey of learning on multiple levels. Teachers must find balance as they are constantly engaging with students, peer teachers and educational opportunities in the PBL process. We are investing in teachers that have clear goals and are interested in growing and expanding their abilities.


  • Foreign national

  • Teaching certificate from an accredited university or college

  • Native English speaker

  • Minimum of 2 years full time classroom teaching experience

Highly desirable characteristics include:

  • Training and/or experience in Project-Based Learning

  • Training and/or experience in English Language Learner education or Art education​

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