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Harvard Workshop
A deep dive into education and entrepreneurship with the Harvard School of Continuing Education
North Korea Education Project
Elevator pitches, design thinking, and self-reflective writing at a pioneering education project in North Korea
World Culture Empathy Workshop
Led a workshop on practices for fostering empathy with global changemakers.
Spirit of Youth Student Workshop 
A entrepreneurship workshop with 80 students focused on "making ideas happen" at a UK government-led event
XHIS Teacher Training
Introduced concepts around enterprising mindsets, entrepreneurial action and innovative solutions

It is great to work with a talented team who not only carry out the event organization, but who also inspire you with creative ideas for how to make the event great and interactive for attendees.

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Patty Wang, Regional Manager
PM Theresa May Wuhan State Visit
A design thinking hackathon with 10 public schools in Wuhan, and viewed by PM Theresa May
XHIS Empathy Workshop
An enterprise education workshop on the theme of “empathy” for 100 students at an international school in Xi'an
University Teacher Training
Introducing entrepreneurship education to professors at Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an
Camford Entrepreneurship Programme
Enterprise and entrepreneurship programme at the UK's top universities
China Britain Business Council Masterclass
Led a workshop on practices for fostering empathy with global changemakers.

All the staff at Venture Education were highly professional, communicative and helpful. From pre-event planning to the day of the event, everything has been taken care of so perfectly.

University of Strathclyde.png
Liz Wang, Project Manager,
University of Strathclyde
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