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Job Description
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Closing date: Rolling Applications

Subject Teacher

International curriculum: IBDP
IGCSE courses are offered in Grade 10 and IBDP courses are offered in Grade 11&12. Each grade has 70-80 students.
Kids age: 15-18
Contract: Full time subject teacher
Work time: Monday to Friday 7:15AM-16:35PM
Accommodation:housing allowance 4200-5200 per month


Other benefits
1. Flight allowance
2. Excess Luggage allowance
3. Commercial insurance
4. Benefits for accompanying family members: A spouse has flight allowance, excess luggage allowance, commercial insurance and housing allowance. Child education allowance.


Job description:
To undertake teaching of the individual's specialised subject(s), according to IB subject specifications, as well as contributing to Centre activities and course development. The subject teacher will act as a personal tutor to groups of students, liaise with parents and undertake further in-service training as appropriate or required by the Centre Principal.
Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Teaches up to 30 (under normal circumstances, maximum load is 26) teaching periods per

    week to IB students according to IB subject specifications and guidelines set by Centre


  2. Provides CP with monthly teaching plans in line with the Scheme of Work (SOW). Seeks prior

    approval from CP if they wish to deviate from the SOW in any way.

  3. Sets and marks homework and tests on a regular basis in order to enhance students'


  4. Acts as tutor to a group of students as assigned by the Centre Principal.

  5. Participates in meetings with parents.

  6. Participates in 'Open Days’ for prospective students and parents.

  7. Invigilates exams as per the arrangements made by CP.

  8. Writes references for students and helps them to edit their Personal Statements for

    application to universities.

  9. Accepts other duties assigned to enhance the learning experience of the students and

    smooth functioning of the Centre.

  10. Attends meetings and training sessions which are considered necessary for staff


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