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Job Description
JPED Academy

Rolling Appication

Teacher of Humanity/STEM/Art

Job Description

We are currently seeking an experienced teacher of humanity/STEM/art. We need you to:

1. participate in the design and development of teaching, research and instruction to provide a bilingual curriculum that meets state and school standards.
2. execute subject matter instruction, using appropriate instructional techniques and strategies to ensure that students meet and exceed learning objectives.
3. enhance students' competence in the subject through appropriate instruction, designing and leading students through PBL projects that fit the project-based learning philosophy.
4. administrate academic and language assessments to evaluate student progress toward meeting academic learning goals.
6. provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment that encourages student responsibility and incorporates challenging teaching strategies.

Our School

DCB has forged an excellent global reputation for being a warm and welcoming community, and a rewarding place to work. DCB students possess a thirst for learning and are highly motivated  every day. We wish to  attract inspirational, talented teachers who love teaching and want to make a difference with our students. Dulwich College Beijing is an exciting place to teach and learn. Winner of several international awards in the last few years, including the International School Award for Creativity in Learning in 2019, the College is dynamic, collaborative and has the highest goals and expectations for its staff and students. The environment is one of trust and respect, with ideas bubbling from all quarters.

DCB is located  in Shunyi, around forty-five minutes from the heart of Beijing. The capital is a truly exhilarating place, with its cultural sites, ancient heritage and all the amenities associated with a large and vibrant city. From fascinating Hutongs to the many green spaces around the city, there is something for everyone. 

Post-holder Qualifications, Experience

1. teaching experience and knowledge base in relevant disciplines, with study abroad background or exchange experience.
2. teaching qualifications in relevant disciplines, and can teach in full English or bilingually.
3. excellent communication and organizational skills, good at cooperation and thinking, as well as problem analysis and solving ability and action.
4. passionate about education, responsible for students, and recognizing the educational philosophy of Darojapai College.
5. dare to challenge, have the ability to innovate, rich in empathy.​

How to Apply

Send your CV and cover letter to ;

Or contact WeChat:

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