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Job Description

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Wellbeing Counselor

Job Summary

Responsible for providing support to students, teachers, and parents to ensure an emotionally and socially healthy student body in cooperation with administration and other staff.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Student Support

    • Meets with all new students within the first month of their arrival to monitor their adjustment.

    • Meets one on one with students who are struggling and need extra support.

    • Provides small group counseling services as needed.

  2. Teacher Support

    • Connects with teachers regularly to see which students need additional support.

    • Provides teachers with suggestions for effective classroom management or ways to help students in the classroom.

  3. Principal Support

    • Connects with principals weekly to identify and resolve student issues, needs and problems.

  4. Parent Outreach

    • Connects with parents as needed when issues arise with students.

    • Creatively collaborates with other staff for ways to support our parent community.

  5. Assists the Student Services team in the administration of department duties. These may include assistance with standardized testing, academic scheduling, student life programs, school wide events and trips, assemblies, university visits, etc.

  6. Participates in professional development relevant to job duties and performance.

  7. Carries out other duties and responsibilities as deemed appropriate by the supervisor.

Qualifications and requirements

  1. Has a bachelor’s degree in counseling or counseling certificate.

  2. Demonstrates ability to work effectively with students with sensitivity to unique and multicultural perspectives and thoughts.

  3. Demonstrates ability to plan, organize, execute and evaluate in the office and classroom setting


  • Airfare

  • Health Insurance

  • Housing

  • Pre-field and on-field cultural training

  • Monthly Salary

  • Tuition for Children

  • Eligibility for paid Master's degree program when a second (2 year) contract is signed

  • Language Tutoring

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