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Job Description

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Special Education Teacher

Job Summary

Serve as a case manager for students identified as special needs, including writing and updating Individual Learning Plans. Through a range of strategies, to provide ongoing special needs support to identified students throughout the school.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assure appropriate education for identified special needs students throughout the school.

    • Create, implement, and assure adherence to students’ individual Learning Plans

    • Provide training and leadership in the area of special needs training for mainstream staff, both foreign and national

    • Advocate for students, whose academic and behavioral needs are not being met. Work with staff and administration to determine how to best address these issues given resources available

    • Provide push-in, small group, and individualized instruction as appropriate to meet students’ needs, providing least restrictive environment to the highest degree possible

    • Assure accommodations and modifications indicated in Action Plans are implemented.

    • Hold after school classes as needed.

  2. Participate in schoolwide RTI process

    • Assist other Learning Support staff in facilitating “31-minute-kid Talk”

    • Guide general education teachers in implementing appropriate teaching strategies

  3. Assist teachers in following the schoolwide referral process for Learning Support assistance.

    • Ensure general teachers implement and progress monitor for students with ILPs

    • Provide feedback for students and parents in regard to ILP goals and objectives.

  4. Attend and participate in morning meetings (foreign staff only), teacher’s meetings, some evening programs if involving his or her students, annual teacher’s conference, and other meetings as assigned in the teacher’s handbook.

  5. Complete paperwork including the following:

    • Beginning, mid-year, and end of the year goal forms

    • Mid-quarter grade reports 4 times per year (Elementary through HS)

    • Report on goals of Individual Learning Plans through 4 times per year.

    • Inventories of classroom equipment/supplies/books

    • End-of-year debriefing evaluation form

    • Other paperwork as assigned or requested

  6. Building/classroom cleaning and repair

    • Tend to the overall appearance of the classroom

    • Assist in overall cleanliness and maintenance of facilities

    • Promptly report repair needs to the administration

    • Complete end of the year cleaning of the classroom area.

  7. Be available to parents or students who wish to have a conference during or after school.

  8. Be prepared to join mainstream teachers for twice-yearly conferences with parents of each students with an ILP.

  9. Take part in the yearly professional development program as assigned in the annual professional development plan. This includes prescribed activities for teachers in their first and second years of teaching at ISC, along with school-wide emphases and work on individual goals.

  10. Serve on committees, such as those for accreditation or curriculum review, as requested or assigned.

  11. Carry out any other specific duties as assigned.

Qualifications and requirements

  1. University graduate with a degree or license in special education, preferably with experience in a variety of special education settings (self-contained, resource model, and push-in) or general education teaching license and 2 years of experience with desire to pursue training in special education.

  2. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with foreign and national students with sensitivity to unique and multicultural perspectives and thoughts.

  3. Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, execute, and evaluate in the classroom setting.


  • Airfare

  • Health Insurance

  • Housing

  • Pre-field and on-field cultural training

  • Monthly Salary

  • Tuition for Children

  • Eligibility for paid Master's degree program when a second (2 year) contract is signed

  • Language Tutoring

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