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Job Description

Closing date: N/A

MS/HS Fabrication Lab Technician (Long Term Sub)

Job Description



Responsible for performing tasks related to the support of design & technology infusion within the ISB learning and teaching program. The employee may be required to perform any of the duties and tasks described in the following section.

  • The Design Assistant will work closely with the Design Teachers and Design Facilitators assist with the infusion of design technology into learning and teaching at ISB;

  • assist with the support and use of design technology tools and materials, including robotics, laser cutting, sewing machines, adhesives, power tools, and hand tools;

  • manage inventory as needed for Design Labs and classes;

  • supervise small groups of students in Design Labs for safety, and teach appropriate use of tools and materials;

  • provide training and just-in-time support to teachers, support staff and students;

  • maintain a safe learning environment in the design classroom  




Under supervision, contributes to classroom or school-wide educational program, organization and management.

  1. Provide individual and/or small group instruction to students under the direction of or in collaboration with the Design Teachers, and Design Facilitators.

  2. Assists with organization/management of curricular areas as directed by the Design Teachers, maintain instructional materials and equipment as required

  3. Order materials and equipment as needed for the Design Labs

  4. Perform setup for instructional projects, including materials and equipment.

Supports students:

  1. Assist teachers in conducting instructional or developmental activities

  2. Complete supervisory duties assigned to ensure safety and order of children

  3. As requested or assigned, participate in formal or informal staff meetings

  4. As requested or assigned, work up to two Saturdays per year and be open to flexible hours during the week.

Skills and Requirements



A. Qualifications:

  • university graduate with at least 2 years of full-time working experience 

  • degree in related field preferred

  • design qualifications and/or experience preferred

B. Experience:

  • experience and/or knowledge of western educational settings

  • experience working with a variety of materials, product design and computer technology, including Apple Mac equipment

  • familiarity with Windows PC and Apple Mac software applications

  • woodwork experience would be preferable

C. Personal Skills/Qualities:

  • ability to learn new technology and develop appropriate procedures independently

  • comfortable working with design technology tools and materials

  • ability to self-educate when formal instruction is not available

  • positive, energetic demeanor

  • strong interpersonal communication skills

  • ability to work with teams, teachers, students and parents

  • ability to work independently, orderly and precisely

  • ability to deal with problems tactfully and with sensitivity for the end user

  • ability to use good judgment independently

  • possesses a keen sense of responsibility

  • ability to organize and analyze complex tasks in a systematic manner

  • ability to provide positive feedback and assistance with a helpful, proactive attitude

  • willingness to work other duties as required (including at least one event outside of school)

  • ability to work to and meet deadlines

  • ability to communicate effectively with teams, teachers, and students primarily through oral communication

  • ability to understand limitations and be able to ask for clarification or assistance when needed. 

  • desire to work with entire ISB community to provide excellent design and technology opportunities at ISB 

  • proficiency in oral and written English is preferable but not expected

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