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Job Description

Closing date: 31 May 2022


HS Counselor

Due to COVID19 uncertainty and visa restrictions, a larger number of faculty have indicated tentative for the 2022-2023 school year. To be prepared and properly staffed to serve our growing student population, ISB is beginning the recruitment process for 2022-23 early and prioritizing qualified candidates already present in China.


The High School Counselor works in collaboration with teachers, students, parents, leadership, and the community to deliver services in four main domains: 1) individual student planning, 2) responsive services, 3) system support, and 4) SEL curriculum.


SEL Curriculum (15-25% of time)
• Provide co-planning and co-teaching of the school SEL curriculum
• Collaborate with subject area and grade level teams to enrich the SEL components of their content curriculum and instruction
• Conduct small group learning activities outside and inside the classroom to respond to students’ identified needs and interests
• Facilitate workshops and informational sessions for parents, staff, and faculty to address the needs of the school community and to reflect the school SEL curriculum
• Promote awareness of the unique nature of life within the international community and seek opportunities to address internationalism across the curriculum

Individual Student Planning (25-35% of time)
• Participate in promotion and retention decisions
• Coordinate yearly course selection activities for grades 9 and 10
• Schedule grade 9 and 10 students in classes and make scheduling changes as needed
• Administer and follow up with surveys related to student interests, habits, attitudes, etc.
• Consult with grade 9 and 10 students regarding four-year graduation plans
• Teach and reinforce strategies that promote prosocial behaviors
• Conduct small social groups to promote peer relationships
• Review and support behavior intervention plans
• Support the transition of new students, departing students, and transitions between school sections and grades
• Promote inclusion, equity, and access for all students

Responsive Services (25-35% of time)
• Consult with parents, teachers, leadership, and community agencies regarding strategies to help students and families
• Provide small group and individual short-term counseling for students experiencing difficulties managing relationships, personal concerns, and developmental issues
• Train students as peer helpers
• Provide short-term crisis counseling to students, families, staff, and faculty members facing emergency situations
• Serve as a DCPO (Designated Child Protection Officer) and participate in the development and implementation of Child Protection procedures
• Refer: (a) maintain a current list of community resources and providers outside of school for referral purposes; (b) refer faculty, students, and families whose needs cannot be addressed in the school setting to outside providers and specialists; and (c) advocate for community and mental health services on behalf of faculty, students, and families
• Provide transition support to families and students who are moving in and out of the school/community

System Support (15-20% of time)
• Provide in-service instruction about the school SEL curriculum to faculty, parents, and the community
• Work in partnership with the Admissions Office to review files of new applicants and make recommendations regarding each student‘s capacity to demonstrate success at ISB
• Remain current with education reform and challenges facing today’s students
• Uphold ASCA/ISCA ethical and professional standards
• Membership in professional association conferences and meetings (i.e. ISCA, ASCA, etc.)
• Advocate for every student
• Contribute to the school’s FOCUS (Focus on Collaborating and Understanding Students) meetings within the scope and practice of the school counseling program
• Consult with teachers, leadership, and parents to provide information and resources that support students and the school community
• Provide workshops for parents (i.e. transition, relevant school and student issues, etc.)
• Actively participate in other school programs (i.e. leadership teams, parent teacher associations, committees, etc.)
• Fulfill program management and operations (i.e. plan and manage tasks needed to support the school counseling program and those duties that need to be fulfilled as a member of the school staff)
• Collaborate to support the management of the counseling program (i.e. budget responsibilities, order and develop resources, maintain counseling facilities, write policies and procedures, research development)
• Analyze student achievement and counseling program data to evaluate the counseling program, conduct research on activity outcomes, discover gaps that exist between different groups of students


• Master’s Degree and valid certification (or the substantial equivalent) in School Counseling
• Minimum two years’ experience serving as a School Counselor
• Prefer international school experience and knowledge of North American diploma requirements
• Demonstrated commitment to the safeguarding and welfare of children and young people
• Demonstrated ability to serve as a leader engaged in system-wide change
• Demonstrated advocacy for students’ personal and educational needs
• Ability to effectively collaborate with all members of the school community to develop and implement responsive educational programs for every student
• Demonstrated ability to build effective teams to work toward the common goals of equity, access, academic, and social success for every student
• Possess the skills to assess the school for systemic barriers to academic and social success
• Ability to work in a dynamic and fast paced environment
• Dedication to the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of ISB

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