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Job Description
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Head of Junior High


Wellington College China is excited to welcome another member into its family - Huili School Nantong. Aligned with Wellington College in England’s five core values of Courage, Integrity, Kindness, Respect and Responsibility, Huili School Nantong adheres strictly to Huili’s vision to cultivate talent through virtue, kindness and integrity. The school is committed to providing world-class bilingual education for 7 to 18-year-old Chinese pupils and hopes to instill them with the five characteristics that make up the Huili identity of being Inspired, Intellectual, Independent, Individual and Inclusive. Huili School Nantong will encourage its pupils to become outstanding Chinese nationals with a well-rounded, global perspective. Offering a complete 15-year education system, Huili School Nantong has a total planned area of 80,000m2 and will start admitting Chinese nationals in September of 2022. Having an enrolment capacity of over 2000, the school also offers boarding options for approximately 800 pupils, starting from primary school age. Huili School Nantong adopts the same Victorian architectural style as Wellington College in England with teaching areas, boarding accommodation, school halls, a library, an indoor sports hall, a swimming pool, and outdoor football and rugby pitches. All facilities are designed to resemble its premium British counterpart. Thanks to the network of talent Wellington College China has amassed over the past ten years, the new Huili School will have the organizations’ full support as it aims to provide an outstanding academic team and a top-quality learning environment for Nantong pupils when it opens. The following job description is a fluid document, and the list of responsibilities should not necessarily be seen as absolute. The post holder may be expected to carry out additional tasks that are reasonably deemed appropriate and, in a new and growing school, the job is likely to evolve.


  • Job Title: Head of Junior High

  • Department: Academic

  • Supervisor: Principal

  • Objectives: The Head of Junior High must provide professional and energetic leadership of learning and teaching and secure the highest quality of pastoral care, in association with the subject leaders. The Head of Junior High will provide guidance and support to all Junior High school staff.


  •  Lead the Junior High School SMT.

  •  Direct curriculum and assessment subject leaders to ensure continuity and progression throughout the school.

  •  Liaise with administrative departments to ensure efficient administrative management of the school.

  •  To be a figurehead in the promotion of Huili School Nantong its aims, standards and ideals and to model these both in the school and in the wider community.

  •  Control budgets and finances within the junior high school and offer direction and support to junior high school subject leaders when aspects of financial responsibility are delegated to them.

  •  Report to the Principal on all issues relating to the efficient management and organisation of the Junior High School.

  •  Under the direction of the Principal, to be responsible for the recruitment and employment of all junior high school academic and administrative support staff.


  • Develop and establish culture, educational vision and direction of the Junior High.

  • Work with the Principal and direct the junior high school SMT to create and implement the strategic plan which identifies priorities and targets for ensuring that pupils achieve high standards and make progress, increasing teacher’s effectiveness and securing school improvement.

  • Support the Principal in the management and direction of Huili School Nantong as a whole.

  • Lead and support junior high school staff in the process of whole school and subject self-review. To mentor junior high school managers and specific subject leaders.

  • Share responsibility for and assist where required, the Director of Admissions and Marketing in the introduction/viewing of the school by prospective parents.


  • Establish and maintain an environment and a code of behaviour which promotes and secures good teaching, effective learning, and high standards of achievement, good behaviour and discipline.

  • Provide effective links with the community to extend the curriculum and enhance teaching and learning.

  • Maintain an effective partnership with parents to support and improve students’ achievement and personal development.

  • Ensure that professional development opportunities for all staff are linked to individual and school needs through performance management and the school development plan.

  • Work with the subject and stage coordinators to ensure that the junior high school curriculum and timetable are suitable for the College’s standards of teaching and learning and direct any necessary alterations to the timetable ensuring they are implemented and communicated effectively.

  • Keep an accurate record of staff absence and communicate this to the relevant administrative departments.


  • With the Principal, implement and sustain effective systems for the management of staff performance, incorporating appraisal and objective setting through the performance management for teachers, participate as a performance reviewer.

  • Be responsible for whole school development/improvement within the junior high school, (professional development) leading and advising staff as and when necessary

  • Contribute to staff development activities.

  • Understand the expectations of others, including subject leaders and coordinators and ensure that less experienced teachers are appropriately monitored, supported and advised.

  • Sustain own personal motivation and that of other staff.

  • Draw up the timetable for the junior high school with regard to specific curriculum needs, liaising with staff where necessary.

  • Set a good example in terms of dress, punctuality and attendance.

  • Uphold the College’s values and behaviour code.


  • Recruit staff to meet the curriculum requirements for the junior high school.

  • Manage the budget for professional development throughout the junior high school.

  • Manage the budget for educational resources throughout the junior high school.

  • Direct deployment of staffing and manpower throughout the junior high school.

  • Ensure policies, practices and parental communications are established and maintained to support the physical, emotional and social development of the individual student.

  • To implement and monitor the general policies, including those for Behaviour, Antibullying, Discipline and Child Protection within the junior high school.


  • Work with the Principal to provide information, objective advice and support to the Board of Governors and School Affairs Committee (SAC) to enable it to meet its responsibilities for securing effective teaching and learning and improved standards of achievement and for achieving efficiency and value for money. Work with the Principal to create and develop an organisation in which all staff recognise that they are accountable for the success of the school.

  • Ensure that parents and students are well-informed about the curriculum, attainment and progress, and about the contribution that they can make to achieve the school targets for improvement.

  • To oversee parent-staff communications and become involved in such communications as to and when fit.


Basic Qualification:

Education- Bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate.

Major- Related education majors.

Language- Native Chinese speaker, fluent in English


  • A minimum of 10 years working experience in education required.

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in leading a school at senior management level.


  • Knowledge of British education system.

  • Understanding of international independent education.

Preferred Aptitudes:

  • Strong pedagogical knowledge and understanding

  • Highly fluent and personable communicator, articulate and persuasive.

  • Financially astute; commercially sharp.

  • Build and develop relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders.

  • Detail-oriented with excellent time management and editing skills.

  • Strong commercial and educational judgement combined with high intellect and analytical ability.

  • Practical and solution focused.

  • “can do” approach/pragmatic.

  • Appreciation& commitment to collegiate life, values and aims of Wellington College and Wellington College China.

  • Globally minded

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