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Empowering women and girls to be

leaders for the future.

Whether it is in our own workplace or outside of it, we believe that women and girls should be given the spaces, resources, and opportunities to reach their goals. 

Gender equality in our workplace.

It is imperative that companies ensure that women are being given fair salaries, opportunity for growth, and a community where they can seek support from other females.

Female Staff

Male Staff



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There are 45.5% more female staff at Venture than male staff


At Venture, the average salary of female staff is

higher than male staff.

Female Staff

Male Staff



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There are 58% more women than men in the Venture management team

Work we have done for gender equality.

We are strong believers in the incredible impact that gender equality can have on all aspects of our society, which is why we are dedicated to using our resources to take steps closer in reaching this goal.

Highlighted Projects
Future Female Leaders

A six-week mentorship programme for female high school students to empower them to pursue leadership opportunities in the future

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