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Job Description

Closing date: 30 Nov 2022

Senior School Music Teacher

About Role

We are inviting applications from teachers who are fully aligned with these values and demonstrate our professional demeanors:
• We believe that every child deserves a champion.
• We believe that getting better never stops so we all have a professional obligation to improve as teachers.
• We understand that this will involve stepping out of our comfort zone.
• We believe in a culture of the possible, where we can all make progress beyond what anyone, including ourselves, could have imagined.
• We believe that truly great teaching is that which improves students' progress.
• We believe an evidence-informed approach to teaching and learning helps us identify what works best in the classroom.
• We believe that hard work is the key to success for staff and students.
• We believe that you cannot just wish teachers and students to be better - you have to create the conditions for them to grow.
• We believe basic literacy and numeracy are essential to students making good progress.
• We welcome diverse ideas to solve problems.
• We believe that feedback should be timely and respond to the needs of the individual student so that they can actively engage with the feedback.
• We value professional generosity.
• We believe that we all have a professional obligation to exercise mutual leadership.
• We acknowledge that we all make mistakes.
• We believe that everyone has a responsibility for service, sustainability and global citizenship.
• We believe that everyone has a responsibility for contributing to enrichment and community events.

This list reflects our strongly held beliefs and also draws upon Putting Staff First by John Tomsett and Jonny Uttley.

Our School

"I believe in the importance of our profession and the endless possibilities of a quality education." David Ingram, Founding Head of College.
Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi was founded in 2016. The College has quickly established itself as one of the standout international schools in the city. Known for our warm welcome and positive relationships, we live by our College values;
Aim high and work hard
Be kind and respectful
Make a difference

Our Teaching Profile (International School)


At Dulwich College International, students come first.  And because teachers play an extraordinary role in nurturing our students to become confident, curious and knowledgeable global citizens, we look to recruit the very best practitioners in international education who are passionate about unlocking the potential of our students.  

Our teachers nurture and inspire their students today to make a positive difference in the world – living fully, living responsibly, and living sustainably. We empower our Teachers to Live Worldwise.

Our Vision For Teachers

Worldwise Teachers:

•    Put students first in all they do
•    Display a positive attitude, adaptability and open-mindedness 
•    Show professional initiative and perseverance
•    Are truly collaborative and display highly developed communication skills
•    Are committed to internationalism and equity
•    Are committed to sustainability and global citizenship

Worldwise teachers believe in:

•    The right of every student to be safe, supported and nurtured
•    Evidence-based and innovative pedagogy
•    Personalised and differentiated student learning
•    Setting high expectations for every student
•    Empowering students to reach their own goals
•    High levels of student motivation and engagement

Worldwise teacher's practice:

•    Maximises every student’s opportunity learn
•    Promotes student agency, reflection and a love of learning
•    Delivers academic rigour and holistic learning
•    Reveals the complex and inter-disciplinary nature of learning content
•    Creates a supportive and dynamic learning environment
•    Develops students’ higher-order thinking

Post-holder Qualifications, Experience

Person Specification for Senior School Music Teacher
• University educated with an honours degree
• Recognised teaching qualification
• Additional qualification demonstrating a high level of musicianship
• Evidence of ongoing personal development
• Experience of teaching Key Stage 3 and 4 Music
• Assessment, tracking and data
• Masters’ degree an advantage
• Experience of teaching IBDP Music/A Level Music

In-depth knowledge and understanding of:
• Leading ensembles and arranging music
• Ability to provide piano accompaniment
• Experience of organizing concerts, musicals and other music events
• Experience of planning residential learning opportunities
• Ability to analyse student data and promote student achievement
• Demonstrated experience of the use of educational ICT to promote learning
• An understanding of how the learning continuum flows through the College
• Excellent knowledge of content and pedagogy
• Experience of teaching in the Primary and/or Years
• Knowledge of early childhood development
• Experience of string or wind programmes
• Use of ISAMS or other school management system
• Professional Learning Communities and Action based research

• Commitment to supporting all aspects of our programme including extracurricular activities and contribution to school community
• Have a clear educational vision based on evidence and experience
• Be absolutely passionate about improving learning and teaching, children, and pedagogy
• A determined advocate for Senior School teaching practice
• Be pupil focused – students are the at the heart of everything we do
• Intrinsically motivated and inspired to create a world class learning environment
• Action and outcome focused
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Show educational entrepreneurship – solve problems and innovate
• Professional generosity to develop others
• Manage time effectively and prioritise
• Rise to challenges and be flexible
• Resilience
• Culturally respectful
• Community minded



  • Passion

  • Vision

  • Collaboration

  • Execution Excellence

Let's work together
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