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China Schools Awards

The British Chamber of Commerce's China Schools Awards (CSA) celebrates the best of K12 education in China.


Your organisation can apply for up to three awards. 

Please complete the 'Organisation Information' form first, then a separate form for each award application.


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This award recognises the school that has best endeavoured, through innovation or a raft of protocols, to create a supportive and inclusive environment for the whole school community, enabling all to thrive in their educational journey.      


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Please complete this form first, then a separate form for each award application.

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This award recognises the organisation delivering the most dependable services and/or supply of high-quality products and ensuring schools and students have the environment, equipment and expertise to create an optimum learning experience.

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This award recognises the school that shows the greatest commitment and innovation in developing confidence, an enterprising mindset and the creative and collaborative skills its students need to thrive beyond their university pathways into the world of work.

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This award recognises the school that provides the most outstanding opportunities for students to develop skills outside the classroom and/or shows the greatest innovation and commitment in providing for their emotional, social, ethical and academic needs.

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This award recognises the school delivering the most outstanding overall provision and benefit to its students and local community in the first three years of its operation.

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This award recognises the school that has demonstrated the greatest dedication and innovation in providing world-class pastoral care to its students and wider school community.

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This award recognises the organisation providing the most sustainable, innovative, culturally congruous and/or otherwise outstanding school design services to schools, facilitating better learning and wellbeing for students and school communities, and responding thoughtfully to local environments.

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This award recognises the school that has most successfully integrated innovative STEM and EdTech into its teaching and learning, elevating and enhancing the broadest range of learning experiences through the intelligent application of technologies.

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This award recognises the school that has made the most outstanding efforts in ensuring the continued professional and personal growth of their staff, and promoting wellbeing and balance in the working lives of its academic, administrative, leadership and function teams.

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This award recognises the school sustainability project that most fully showcases its students’ innovative thought, design skills and true understanding of the impact sustainability projects have on our environment and communities.

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Feedback from school leaders, 2021

Being involved in the British School Awards has been incredibly useful for our school. Winning an award has been enormous for us in terms of raising our profile within our city and province.

The British Schools Awards were a timely opportunity for the school to reflect on the impact of our work since we opened, but more importantly, they gave us an incredible platform to showcase these achievements on a national stage.

It was inspiring to see first-hand the quality of other British schools in China, which has already started multiple conversations on how our school can emulate their fantastic work.

At a time when so many international schools are working through the ongoing adversity of COVID-19, the Awards provided a welcome opportunity for school leaders to come together to celebrate educational excellence and share good practice.

The event provided a powerful forum to connect, collaborate and communicate with colleagues from across the education industry in China.

I can’t tell you what a lift this event gave to educators and schools across China during the ongoing challenge of COVID-19. It really meant a lot and will also help share good practice and innovation.

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