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Our decades of bespoke consultancy experience includes business development, events, research, to even running down answers to any pressing problems such as changing regulations or last-minute options for school trips.

Please see below a few examples of what we do.

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We have supported UCAS both with increasing their social media presence and undertaking business development work for their new product.


#inspireme: Working closely with the DIT in Mongolia, we cocreated and delivered a two-day event for over 4000 visitors interested in UK education.


We produce an annual report for the Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Schools on the 84 schools, staff and leadership.

From anecdotal feedback from sponsors, participants and visitors, we can say for certain that it was an outstanding success. This was very much down to your commitment to supporting us, both in the run-up and on the day. The Festival was a great success but without the support and involvement of you and your team, we could not have achieved these goals. 

Philip Malone,
British Ambassador,

British Embassy Mongolia
Collaboration with Venture

If you're interested in market entry or developing your business in China, we would suggest looking into the following options:

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China School Awards (CSA)
Celebrating the best of international K12 education in China

Organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in China, in partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce Southwest China and the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong, the BSA rotates annually between the cities of Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou.

The awards includes months of promotion and applications, a prestigious gala dinner and a day of activities to connect, empower, inform and learn from/listen to school leaders from across the country.

Venture Education publishes several reports and newsletters per year, all with opportunities for advertisement

Reach thousands of engaged teachers from different backgrounds and schools all across China with our TeachBetter newsletters, or specifically target 83 international schools, leadership and staff through the annual ACAMIS report. 

If you have a specific demographic in mind, or have a great idea for promotion in China, don't hesititate to get in touch.

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