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China Ready

This bespoke report is essential for any UK education organisation taking their first steps into China. Taking you from the fundamentals to a practical roadmap for next steps, we work with you to research your place and potential in one of the most dynamic markets on earth. Our bespoke 32-page report gives you a thorough, honest assessment of your company’s readiness for the Chinese market using twelve essential metrics.

800 GBP


Bespoke Research

We have undertaken small reports and vast year-long studies, market research with hundreds of families and small-scale studies on the impact of specific regulations. Most commonly, our research involves competitor analysis, pricing assessment, partnership and sales channel development and strategic planning for new products and services. We also support Chinese companies looking for UK partners or acquisitions.

800 GBP and up

Pitch Deck

We distil your marketing message into something as concise, culturally relevant and impactful as possible for the Chinese market, producing a bilingual pitch deck for use with potential partners or customers in China. If you plan on taking a flight to China to assess opportunities and introduce your organisation, this is the difference between success and failure.

1200 GBP and up


Opportunity Hunter

Building from initial research with China Ready and Pitch Deck, we share contacts and leads that will drive business and increase sales. While every member of our team is out and about around education organisations in China, we will build product awareness, share information about your company and get conversations started.

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If we have worked effectively together on China Ready and Pitch Deck, we may be interested in forming an exclusive partnership, where we will represent your company more extensively in China. This will include full support from our team of designers, translators, trainers, curriculum developers, business services and sales professionals.

The China Ready report gave me a multitude of information, knowledge and potential leads for my business. It has been an invaluable resource for the short term and beyond. I can't recommend the service enough.

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Tim Hague, Franchise Owner, Anglia Examinations

We’ve learnt a million things from consultancy and one of the most misguided is that companies think it’s a luxury, not something they can afford or won’t directly lead to the sales they need. But we’re open to ideas. If you come to us and say, “We only have 200GBP and we want to sell a million units in China,” we’ll tell you what we can do for that price. Likewise, if you have a great idea in China, and there is a way we could collaborate, send us a proposal.

Let's work together
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