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A comprehensive 30 page assessment of your company and its readiness for the Chinese market.

Every week we receive inquiries from UK education companies who are interested in growing their business in China. China Ready is designed to give clarity about where you are now, how likely you are to succeed, and what you need to do next to improve your chances.

Each bespoke China Ready report is only £800 and includes:





A form with basic information about your business

A one hour interview

Three weeks




A means to self-reflect on your own company

Insight into where you are strong and where you need to improve

A starting point for discussions with stakeholders

Clear next steps

Follow-up advice

An example of one of our previous China Ready reports

China Ready Score

At the end of each report, every company will receive a ‘China Ready’ score, which takes into account a wide range of criteria for success, including:

China leadership


Demonstrated quality










What sets us apart


We are independent and aligned with your interests

We are clear and straight to the point

We are experts in education

We believe some companies are ready, and some are not; it is vital that companies use their time, energy and money effectively

Our team is passionate and driven

Our approach is practical, effective, and informed by the fact that we run an education business in China

We tell you both positives and challenges to lead you forward, while giving you a clear checklist to improve


They are aligned with external interests

They are vague and evasive

Their focus is spread across different sectors

They believe every company should go to China

Their team is going through the motions

Their approach is purely theoretical

They tell you what you want to hear to get you to buy their services


The China Ready report gave me a multitude of information, knowledge and potential leads for my business. It has been an invaluable resource for the short term and beyond. I can't recommend the service enough.

- Greater China distributor of global examinations taken by over 60,000 people each year

Our China Ready report was the first step in our successful expansion into China but, just as importantly, it gave us fresh impetus to look at how we could improve our business in the UK.

- Leading UK EdTech company for over 50 years

Our Partners

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Are you ready to take your first step?

Contact us to find out more about our consultancy services and see if your business is China Ready.
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