Who we are

We are a Beijing-based consultancy that empowers UK education in China. We do this through research, projects and consultancy. Our team is a mixture of former teachers, university lecturers, education professionals, research analysts and project leaders from the UK and China. We are always open to new projects, we love to make ideas happen and we care about what we do. 

Our values


Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

When two of our team started saying this every time they parted ways, we knew it meant something special to the organisation. This is about a spirit of adventure, taking risks, trying something new and being positive & creative.


Be the Only

Three of the partners attended a symposium in Babson College and loved their slogan: “don’t be the best, be the only.” This is key to success in China. Be unique, hunt for niches, celebrate diversity and do things differently.



“Win/win” is much used and abused in global business, but we really mean it. The first win is for our clients. The second is for society and the planet. The third is for us. We make sure we hit all three so everyone can smile.

Message from our founder

The UK and China are natural partners in education and this mutual respect will drive collaboration, innovation and success over the next century. Increasingly, it is the differing strengths of each nation that provide a rich space for the other to learn, grow and benefit. At Venture Education, every member of our team has seen firsthand, in their own classroom or working with international charities, the transformative power of quality education. Our goal is to empower organisations to deliver quality education.

We look forward to working with you,

Julian Fisher

Co-Founder & Partner: Venture Education

Vice Chair: British Chamber of Commerce

Chair: British Chamber Education Forum

President: Entrepreneurs' Organisation China North

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